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Indonesian Government scholarships are most allocated to Japan

posted Jan 6, 2014, 8:59 PM by Unknown user
Japan has been a country with most Indonesian student receivers of Indonesian government scholarships within the past five years (2008 - 2013) with over 800 Indonesian students receiving scholarships to study abroad to Japan. Out of the total 3,760 Indonesian students who received the Indonesian government scholarships, most of them study abroad to Japan - with Australia as second country of most government scholarship receivers from Indonesia. 

Japanese government has also been open and welcoming Indonesian students to their country, as these students prepare to become technology and engineering experts and consequentially help develop the 2015 ASEAN Community. Additionally, six (3) Japanese and (3) Indonesian universities are currently in partnerships to further develop community-based programs for their students. The Six Universities Initiative Japan Indonesia (SUIJI) are consisted of Universitas Gadjah Mada, Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) and Universitas Hasanuddin from Indonesia, along with Kochi, Egime, Kagawa Universities from Japan. Recently, a forum as well as a seminar were held for six students from each partnering university to start a Service Learning Program for the SUIJI consortium's activity for their Sustainable Agricultural Development initiative. These students will also create a student organisation within their home university and a Facebook account where they regularly share information on student activities from each SUIJI partnering universities. These initiatives are intended to help connect them more to their local communities (in addition to their periodical visits to surrounding villages).