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Ministry cracks down on bogus colleges

posted Oct 15, 2015, 9:02 PM by Brook Ross
Abridged from The Jakarta Post, October 07 2015, by Fedina S. Sundaryani

The Research and Technology and Higher Education Ministry said that students graduating from universities and colleges that were inactive on account of various violations will not receive diplomas acknowledged by the government. The ministry announced that 239 universities had been deemed problematic and were now inactive, meaning that they would not get services from the ministry such as grant distributions, professor certifications and scholarships. The ministry would also deny proposals for accreditation or new study programs.

The status of a university or college is managed by the ministry’s Higher Education Institution Database (PDPT) and information regarding their status is accessible to the public at

The ministry’s higher education institution guidance director, Totok Prasetyo, said on Tuesday that students who enrolled at a branch of an unlicensed university would not receive government-sanctioned diplomas. “Students at those campuses will not be allowed to graduate and their degrees will not be acknowledged,” he said. Totok also said that students of universities suffering from internal management problems would also be prohibited from graduating.

Data from the ministry says there are 3,101 active universities, comprising 121 state universities and 2,980 private universities, under its oversight. The universities have a total of 6.44 million students and 216,138 lecturers and professors for the 2015 and 2016 academic year.