Programs & Services

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Below are some of the regular programs and services that Indonesia Education Partnerships has been most pleased to provide to Indonesian education institutions and foundations as well as to international universities, educational consortia, and governments.  In addition, Indonesia Education Partnerships enjoys customising solutions to meet the varied needs of international and Indonesian universities, institutions and governments.   

Sponsored Student Program Success
Advising governments and universities to build successful sponsored student programs, developing targeted workforce and achieving strategic capacity building objectives.  Indonesia Education Partnerships has worked with Ministries, Provincial Governments, State Owned Enterprises, Universities and Vocational Institutions in Indonesia to develop select strategic partnerships for building success.

Workforce Development & Institutional Capacity Building
Working with Indonesian government entities at both national and provincial levels, and with Indonesian universities, state owned enterprises and chambers of commerce, Indonesia Education Partnerships assists structuring the operational framework and key university partnerships for workforce development or capacity building in any academic or vocational field for the beneficiaries targeted: professors, students or employees.

Research Collaboration & Joint Publication
Advancing the objectives of the Indonesian Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Technology, and the mutual interests of Indonesian and international universities, Indonesia Education Partnerships pairs international universities with Indonesian universities based on common research interests and appropriate capacities for effective collaboration and identifies corresponding funding opportunities where available.

Partnership Strategy Consultations
Building knowledge of any visiting university through comprehensive courtesy market briefings on the education and industry trends and opportunities within Indonesia for international higher education.  Working with institutions to develop effective strategies to meet their partnership and education outreach goals in Indonesia and around the world.  

Select Partnership Introductions
Providing strategic introductions to universities and governments that best fit the mission, needs, and goals of the requesting institution.  These introductions are pre-vetted to the goals of the partnership being sought, and appropriate to the quality of institution desired.  Indonesia Education Partnerships has provided this service to both international universities seeking relationships in Indonesia, as well as to Indonesian governments, private sector entities and higher education institutions seeking partnerships with universities overseas.

Partnership Delegation Coordination
Coordinating and hosting regular international partnership delegations to Indonesia and overseas, and coordinates special programs and partnership tours for consortia upon request.  Formal delegations since formation have included senior leadership from over 80 international universities to Indonesia for partnership development, and delegations of Indonesian government officials and rectors from over 45 universities to partnership meetings internationally. 

Partnership Agreement Facilitation
Providing in-country support for the development and finalisation of impactful partnership agreements between international universities and Indonesian institutions.  Bringing the agreement from conceptualisation during partnership introductions through to implementation, as requested, to assist in ensuring the successful launch and actualisation of meaningful education partnerships in Indonesia and internationally.

Conferences & Education Event Coordination
Hosting conferences, workshops, roadshows and other events to support the development of international university partnerships with Indonesian universities and institutions.  Indonesia Education Partnerships have hosted bi-national partnership conferences, international higher education fairs, partnership training workshops, and international education roadshows to expand understanding and accessibility to international higher education opportunities within Indonesia.

Indonesian Public Relations
Providing targeted media support, alumni relations, and social media management to enhance the visibility and impact of the university outreach efforts and partnership programs in Indonesia.  Depending on the needs of the universities and associated events, Indonesia Education Partnerships regularly coordinates press conferences, targeted media interviews, social media campaigns, public speaking events, and alumni receptions to raise the profile of international institutions and their Indonesian partnership programs.

Direct In-Country Support & Representation
Supporting international universities and Indonesian governments with on-the-ground assistance in Indonesia to ensure continuity and success of their student mobility initiatives, research collaborations, workforce development programming, and other partnership programs for mutual success and strategic development of Indonesia's education.   

Please do contact us at to schedule a voice call or Skype video conference for a comprehensive courtesy market briefing and strategy discussion about your institutional goals and objectives.  We look forward to hearing from you.